Health Through Knowledge

The Serano Group


The Serano Group educates professionals and the public on health care issues. Our primary and initial focus is on untreated and under-treated infectious diseases caused by or related to the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (Bb). While medical dogma uses the term “Lyme disease”, this is a peripheral construct that, in its original definition and subsequent history, has become something far different from borreliosis, the more accurate term for Bb infection. The Lyme disease paradigm has produced and continues to produce unnecessary, insidious health problems worldwide. Until borreliosis is monitored, diagnosed, and treated rationally, serious health problems with concomitant adverse societal effects will continue.

We are especially concerned with the misuse of scientific method to promote biased and inaccurate views supporting dogmatic views. This misuse of information causes human suffering, disability, and death. Accordingly, The Serano Group treats issues regarding borreliosis and associated infection with the professionalism, efficiency, and urgency appropriate to a disease of such serious dimensions.

In the larger context, U.S. medical care has become a political and financial construct sacrificing citizens’ health in the service of a complex web of commercial and institutional interests. Primary motivators are financial gain, assertion of control, and perceived prestige—science plays a small role. The Serano Group keeps prevailing individual and societal motivators foremost in mind when assessing and evaluating information on borreliosis and associated infections. Unfortunately, missteps in U.S. policy have unnecessarily influenced the treatment of borreliosis in other countries, also.

Our primary objectives include:

Providing accurate information on borreliosis and associated infectious agents which include:
  • Babesia
  • Anaplasma
  • Bartonella
  • Mycoplasmas

Reframing diagnosis and treatment questions to encourage scientific and rational research to improve public health.

Encouraging and conducting research to find the best answers for diagnosis and treatment questions.

The Serano Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, products, or support for treatment of any individual patient’s health problems or issues. This should be done by licensed medical professionals.

Our Name

Our name is loosely based on the name of the Celtic goddess of healing, Sirona (sometimes written Dirona or Thirona). She was also a sky goddess and possibly a deity of the sun. We have no association with any person or business named Serano.