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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Clarity in Borreliosis

This 2009 Margulis paper poses interesting questions on the importance of spirochetes in modern infectious disease.

In the scientific journal world, the best papers often get the least attention. Below is a recent example. Why aren’t we researching some seminal infectious disease issues posed here such as, why did AIDS, chronic fatigue, and Lyme disease all seem arrive at about the same time in the late 1970s and early 1980s? And, could the unfashionable spirochetes be at or near the center of this somehow?  Spirochete round bodies. Syphilis, Lyme disease & AIDS: Resurgence of “the great imitator”?; L. Margulis, A. Maniotis, J. MacAllister, J. Scythes, O. Brorson, J. Hall, W.E. Krumbein, and M.J. Chapman.  SYMBIOSIS V47, No.1, 2009.  This outstanding paper—a breath of fresh air after the thousands of Lyme borreliosis papers that seem devoted to reinforcing conventional dogma and little else—recently was published in the journal SYMBIOSIS.  There are many things we like in this paper:

  • the Lyme politicians are properly and perfunctorily dismissed early on
  • the reality of the microscope is emphasized
  • the reality of who is sick and dying is acknowledged
  • citizen scientists are included as coauthors
  • the work of the best borreliosis researchers is included
  • biology, rather than medical culture, predominates

Some of the academic-speak, particularly in the abstract, might discourage you, but give this paper a close reading. It deserves the time invested.

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