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Monday, April 13, 2009


The Serano Group sends a statement to the IDSA.

We submitted a statement to the IDSA Lyme disease guideline review panel. Most borreliosis-aware readers are probably up on what’s happening, but here is a quick rundown. Basically, the Attorney General of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, is investigating the IDSA for possibly, just possibly, publishing their Lyme disease guidelines for their own financial gain and the convenience of infectious disease specialists who are members of their trade group.

The budget of the state of Connecticut wasn’t sufficient to take on so large a battle, so the AG agreed to a compromise that lets the IDSA review their deeply flawed guidelines using IDSA members to review what other IDSA members swear to. Yes, it was a little hard for us to be optimistic about the outcome. We did not plan to submit anything.

But, David Volkman, Ph.D., M.D. Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics SUNY, Stony Brook, NY submitted a startlingly honest statement to the IDSA review panel. We had already done a fair amount of work looking into the IDSA’s bad science (only to be censored), so we thought it only right to support Dr. Volkman.

Let all hope that some members of the IDSA, especially those reviewing the egregious guidelines, get up some morning and decide to acknowledge reality.  Take a look.

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