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Monday, September 28, 2009

Under Our Skin In Oregon

The documentary film, Under Our Skin, had record attendance in Portland, Oregon.

The Serano Group attended four screenings of the theatrical release of Under Our Skin at the the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon, September 26 and 27, 2009. A well produced documentary film can convey much in a short time, with great impact. The director, producers, and everyone involved with the film are to be commended.

While staffing our table, yet again we were struck by the number and similar arc of people’s stories: health problems unresolved for years, a chance event that led them to the proper diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis, and successful treatment, usually out of state.

Also, yet again we were struck by a disconnect: the CDC’s reporting of six to eighteen Lyme disease cases in Oregon each year and a movie house in Portland, Oregon on a sunny afternoon with over 250 people, most knowing several people diagnosed with Lyme disease.

The world hears about the eighteen CDC Lyme disease cases in 2008 and nothing from the hundreds not meeting CDC criteria or process hurdles. We are encouraged by the people we talked to before and after the film that asked to participate in our census. Only by getting an accurate count of who has had L. borreliosis will proper diagnosis, treatment, and research be realized.

Whether you have attended Under Our Skin or not, if you know anyone who has or had Lyme disease or unresolved condition possibly related, please help us get them counted. We particularly need to count those who have received treatment and improved. Our census uses a survey that most people can complete online in less than twenty minutes. (Other ways to take the survey are available.) We issue controlled invitations; just send an email message to or click here. Those of you who provided your email addresses at the Under Our Skin showing should receive your invitation soon.

Awareness of the size and severity of L. borreliosis is essential to getting the problem fixed. We appreciate your attention and help.

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